Twin Mattress  & Twin XL Size

Description : Twin mattresses are also known as 'singles' and  are the ideal choice for children bedrooms and for multi user guest rooms. Their narrow width fits most small rooms. 

A variation of the mattress is the  Twin XL mattress which is  5 inches longer  than the  standard twin size  but has the same width . They are commonly used in college dormitories  and hostels to accommodate tall teens and are often used in bunk beds also. 


Dimensions :

  • Standard twin :  39  (width) x 75  (length)
  • Twin Xl :           39  (width) x 80    (length)

Width Per Person : 39 inches   

Twin Mattress Pros :

  • The narrow width  of a twin mattress makes it ideal to move around.
  • Many people join  2 twin mattresses instead of buying a king mattress. A advantage of this technique is that it increases the life of the mattress. Constantly sitting on the edges of the mattress can make it sag over a period of time.  By using a twin mattress the edges facing outside the bed can be rotated for  uniform sagging. 

Twin Mattress Cons :

  • Large built people could find the twin mattress size a bit small even for single sleeping.
  • Finding the right bedding size for a twin Xl could be a bit of a problem . Since this size is not very common bedding may not be available in all required patterns.     


Approximate Prices : Twin mattress have the lowest cost among mattresses. Online prices range from $400 to about $ 1900.The prices of Twin Xl are slightly more .